Red Hill is located just a few minutes walking from Takayama Station.

We’re on a quiet back street, so make sure to check the map below to help you find us!

Address: 2-4 Sowa-Cho, Takayama city, Gifu Prefecture.

Telephone: 0577-33-8139

Hours: We’re open from 19:00 (7:00 pm) to 24:00 (midnight).

red hill pub takayama japan

Link to our location on Google Maps


Starting at Takayama Station, walk left for just a couple of minutes, until you reach “Kokubunji Dori” (国分寺通り), Takayama’s main drag.

Make a right onto Kokubunji Dori. You will pass a traffic light. Keep walking. You will then pass a second traffic light. Make a left onto the small street, just after the second traffic light.

Walk close to 300 meters. The backstreets in this area are quiet, so you might feel like you missed it! We’re on the left-hand side, and you will see it!